Author Profiling


Author profiling consists of determining a social group of an unknown author. Several profile dimensions for characterizing a social group have been considered since then, such as age, gender, native language and personality. These variables configure social groups, where author profiling attempts to exploit the idea that they share a common language. The relevance of this task has been recognized for its applications that include forensics, marketing and security concerns.


Andres Enrique Rosso Mateus

 Sebastián Ernesto Sierra Loaiza    (Ex-Miembro)


Shrestha, P., Sierra, S., González, F.A., Rosso, P., Montes-y-Gómez, M., & Solorio, T. Convolutional Neural Networks for Authorship Attribution of Short Texts. in Journal EACL 2017. pp. 701-802.
Sierra, S., Montes-y-Gómez, M., Solorio, T., & González, F. A. (2017). Convolutional Neural Networks for Author Profiling. Working Notes Papers of the CLEF. (PDF).